The Dutch Lighthouse Society (NVV) was founded in 1992 and has over 400 members.

The aims of the society:

  • To provide a contribution to the preservation of maritime heritage in the Netherlands (lighthouses, other nautical objects and collections).
  • To ensure that relevant information on the maritime heritage in the Netherlands (archive footage) does not disappear, but is made available and can be exchanged.
  • To share with each other the interest in and fascination for the phenomenon of ‘lighthouses’ at home and abroad.

The magazine “Vuurboet” is published four times a year in full color on A4. The magazine devotes much attention to historical background of lighthouses and navigational and coastal lights in general. In addition, the content consists of travel journals of members, current affairs and some regular features, including governance issues and a stamp category.


Promotional video of the Dutch Lighthouse Society from 2008.